Ecuadorian Viso Shade Wrapper

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Our Habano 2000 Seed Ecuadorian Viso Shade Wrapper is similar to its sister leaf, the Seco Shade Wrapper, but it is somewhat darker and thicker. Visually, it’s almost like a cross between CT Shade and the 1DW Maduro.

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Ecuadorian Viso Shade Wrapper

Our Ecuadorian Viso Shade Wrapper is thicker, and more full-bodied than it’s Seco counterpart, but still thin and easy to work with. These Ecuadorian Shade Wrappers are known for their beauty and revered by the cigar manufacturing industry.

They arrive tied in traditional hands and tend to fan out to create the illusion of smaller bundles. Keep in mind that shade-grown tobacco is usually much more fragile then sun-grown wrappers, (Maudros and Oscuros) and often require a bit of finesse to use properly. Do not be discouraged, as this leaf can and should be processed like all other tobacco leaf wrappers. This leaf was grown in Ecuador from the Habano 2000 seed.

One of the most interesting tidbits about this leaf is that it is said to be “cloud grew”, instead of in actual shade tents (like they do here in Connecticut). From what we understand, the region they are grown has almost constant cloud coverage (being in the mountainous foothills of Ecuador), which diffuses the light like a traditional cheesecloth shade tent would!