Greek Basma Oriental


Greek Basama Oriental An aromatic leaf that can be used to add uniqueness to any mild-medium blend. It has a wonderfully smooth smoke and adds a slight spice and floral flavor to your blend.

These leaves are very small and compact.

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Greek Basma Oriental

The highly anticipated Greek Basma Oriental Tobacco Leaf is here!

These tiny leaves are a wonderfully light and mellow addition to any tobacco leaf blend.

Upon opening this aromatic leaf, you will immediately notice a floral smell, that is also noticeable in its taste. These leaves are very small in size, but are full of Oriental flavor!

Perhaps one of the smoothest Oriental leaves available, this leaf has a unique and mellow flavor that is absolutely superb! This leaf is lighter than our Samsun Turkish oriental, and a perfect complement to many other types of Whole Leaf Tobacco available here at Leaf Only.