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Hookah Tobacco By The Pound

The tobacco used for smoking in hookah pipes is very different from that found in cigarettes. Called shisha,this tobacco consists of only about 30% tobacco To keep your hookah tobacco fresh and moist, avoid exposing it to oxygen. Most high quality shisha will be kept in airtight containers and should be stored in a cool, dry area away from direct sunlight. If adequately shielded, tobacco can last up to half a year We have the best Hookah tobacco there is. Talking about the best, good tobacco can quickly transform any session of hookah smoke into a fantastic experience We sell the finest and the best Hookah tobacco on the market

  • Canadian-Virginia-Flue-Cured
    Canadian Virginia Flue Cured The Canadian Virginia Flue Cured Tobacco Leaf is commonly used in cigarette and pipe tobacco blends. It has a wonderful smooth smoke with a mild flavor. For a similar leaf grown in the USA, be sure to check out our American Virginia Flue Cured (B). Also known as Brightleaf Tobacco, Virginia…
  • Brightleaf Virginia Flue Cured
    Our Sweet Brightleaf Virginia Flue Cured Tobacco is a mild, slightly sweet tobacco leaf. The Brightleaf Flue Cured leaves are some of the best Virginia tobaccos we've tried and they come carrying a wonderful flue cured aroma. This tobacco is packed pressed in bales, but still contains beautiful whole tobacco leaves, although sometimes…
  • brightleaf verginia flue cured
    Brightleaf Virginia Flue Cured - Smooth Our Smooth Brightleaf Virginia Flue Cured Tobacco is an easy smoking, mild tasting leaf. The Brightleaf Flue Cured are some of the best Virginia tobaccos we've tried and they come carrying a wonderful flue cured aroma. This tobacco is packed pressed in bales, but still…
  • krumovgrad Bulgarian Oriental
    Krumovgrad Bulgarian Orientaltobacco, very similar to Basma, is a golden yellow / brown Oriental type tobacco leaf that is grown in Bulgaria, a country with a tradition in the production of high-quality tobacco. This is a quick-growing, shorter, and smaller leafed tobacco that provides a sweet, pleasant flavor and smooth…
  • Greek Basma riental
    Greek Basama Oriental An aromatic leaf that can be used to add uniqueness to any mild-medium blend. It has a wonderfully smooth smoke and adds a slight spice and floral flavor to your blend. These leaves are very small and compact.
  • samsun turkish
    Samsun Turkish Oriental. This delicate golden brown tobacco is grown in Turkey, along the Black Sea, and is named after the province in this region. This specific variety of Samsun is known for its taste and aroma, as it is considered by many to one of the top quality pipe…
  • light fire cured
    Our Light Fire Cured (R) Tobacco Leaf can be described as a wonderful middle ground between the Dark Air Cured and Dark Fire Cured. This leaf is a dark leaf that comes with a lower-strength smoky aroma and smells that the fire-cured tobacco leaf is famous for. Although this leaf is traditionally used to make…
  • American Virginia Flue Cured 2019
    Our 2019 USA Virginia Flue Cured Tobacco is a more robust, full-flavored tobacco leaf. This leaf arrives with your standard cigarette tobacco smell and produces a smoke similar to a Red Marlboro. This crop is similar to our American Virginia Flue Cured 2018 crop in body and flavor. Enjoy this all-natural tobacco leaf in…
  • AVFC Scrap
      A mix of our Low grade American Virginia Flue Cured consistency leaves.

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