what is shatter

What is Shatter

Shatter is an extract, which is a type of cannabis concentrate that’s produced using a combination of weed plant materials and solvents. The appearance of shatter weed is typically translucent, though its coloring can range from a bright honeylike amber to a darker yellow shade like olive oil

Shatter is made by extracting and concentrating the chemical compounds from cannabis flowers such as THC or CBD to create a very potent product. Shatter comes in many forms and looks that may range from glass-like to crumbly wax. There are many methods used to extract Shatter such as BHO (Butane Hash Oil) or CO2 oil which is used in our vaporizers. Shatter is also very commonly used for dabbing.


  • White Rhino
    White Rhino shatter is a potent Indica strain and is easily recognizable with its short to bushy, light green to dark green leaves. The nugs are a hue best described as being silvery white and it is well known for its potency, which comes with a high that is hard…
  • Silver Haze
    Silver Haze shatter is a heavily sativa dominant hybrid strain created by breeders at the infamous Sensi Seeds farms as a potent cross between the insanely popular Skunk #1 X Northern Lights #5 X Haze strains.    
  • Rockstar
    Rockstar shatter, not to be confused with its cousin “Rockstar OG” strains, is an Indica dominant hybrid (70% Indica/30% Sativa) strain created through a cross of the popular Rock Bud X Sensi Star strains. The Rockstar high is characterized by strong-hitting effects without the sedation that typically comes with an…
  • PurpleHaze2
    Named after the classic 1967 Jimi Hendrix’s song, Purple Haze shatter is a Sativa dominant hybrid (85:15 Sativa/Indica) that is believed to be a cross between the rare Purple Thai and Haze strains. The Purple Haze aroma is a pleasant one for the senses
  • pink tom
    The rare to find and exotic Tom Ford Pink Kush is a heavy indica (80% indica/20% sativa) strain that gives a deadly couch-lock and it puts the smoker away more than other heavier indicas.  
  • PinkKush
      90% INDICA / 10% SATIVA The genetic lineage of this strain is fairly uncertain, but Pink Kush shatter is thought to be a close relative of the legendary OG Kush (one history’s most popular cannabis strains). Pink Kush continues the legacy by delivering a potent body high, making it…
  • PineTar
    100% Indica Pine Tar shatter is a 100% pure Indica strain that is a direct descendant of the infamous Kush strain. This infamous bud is named for its super woody flavor and insanely sticky feel  
  • PBB Cookie
    Peanut Butter Breath shatter is a rare evenly balanced hybrid strain created through crossing the classic Dosidos X Mendobreath F2 strains. With this bud, the name says it all – the flavor is nutty and earthy with a rich herbal overtone.  
  • MKU Shatter
    MK Ultra shatter is one of the strongest indica-dominant strains on the market. Aptly named after the mental manipulation methods employed by the CIA’s Project MK Ultra, this strain’s high THC content makes for powerful cerebral stimulation.
  • ghost breath shatter
    Ghost Breath shatter is a rare sativa dominant hybrid strain (85% sativa/15% indica) created through crossing the classic Ghost OG X Mendo Breath F2 strains.  
  • FruityPebble
    Fruity Pebbles  shatter , also known as Fruity Pebbles OG, is a slightly Indica dominant hybrid cross between Granddaddy Purple, Tahoe OG, Alien Kush, and Green Ribbon strains. As you may expect, this strain tastes just like taking a bite out of a bowl of Fruity Pebbles cereal – a…
  • DonkeyBreath1
    Donkey Breath shatter is a rare Indica dominant hybrid strain (70% Indica/30% Sativa) created through crossing the classic Grease Monkey X Triple OG strains. The name may be weird, but this bud packs a super savory pungent flavor and lifted effects that are perfect for any Indica lover.

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