Ecuadorian Seco Binder


Our Ecuadorian Seco Binder is the binder quality version of the Ecuadorian Seco Shade Wrapper. Thin, yet elastic, this medium-dark brown/red binder leaf will share a flavor profile with other Ecuadorian grown leaf, and provide an easy to use, high-quality binder leaf for rolling Premium Cigars or fronto!

Approximate Leaf Dimensions: 17in x 9in
Approximate Leaves Per Pound: 90

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Ecuadorian Seco Binder

The Ecuadorian Seco Binder Tobacco Leaf is known to be a thinner, milder leaf, and is derived from its beautiful wrapper leaf cousin grown on the same plant.

These leaves are much larger than they look in the picture. It’s just that the hands are fanned out, so it creates the illusion of smaller bundles. These leaves arrive tied in traditional hands and should be processed just like all tobacco leaf binders. It is grown from the Habano 2000 seed. Just keep in mind that shade-grown wrapper tobacco is usually much more fragile than sun-grown wrapper tobacco (think Maduros and Oscuros) and requires a bit of finesse.