Electric Tobacco Shredder


This  Electric Tobacco Shredder offers an easy and affordable way to break down whole tobacco leaves into roll your own tobacco. No more hand cranking shredders or cutting leaves with scissors. This Machine is built to last through many pounds of your favorite unprocessed tobacco leaf from Leaf Only!

Shred your own tobacco! It’s so easy! Pack it, Roll it, Make it your own!

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Electric Tobacco Shredder

  • Shred your own Whole Leaf Tobacco to maximize savings!
  • Cuts leaf into about 1mm x 6mm size shreds.
  • 0.95A, 100 W
  • Produce perfect RYO shredded tobacco every time
  • Great design with excellent operational stability and durability.
  • Most affordable electric tobacco shredder THAT ACTUALLY WORKS!
  • Forward and Reverse gears provide virtually jam-free operation
  • Create your own high-quality tobacco blends

NOTE: 120v Max, AC Only. 5-10m shredding intervals recommended. If the machine jams, shut off immediately, clear the jam, and then proceed with use. Running motor while jammed can cause failure. This product has been tested (with paper) and is ready for use out of the box, however, it is recommended to clean your shredder before initial use. To ensure longevity, run the machine for no more than 10 minutes at a time to prevent break down and overheating. Do not shred more than 1 LB per week. This unit does not come with a warranty.