Tabletop Fine Cut Shredder



This purpose-built tobacco shredding machine is built out of solid steel and cuts to a 0.8mm strand thickness. Built with brass bushings designed to have increased resistance to wear, as well as adjustable stainless steel combs. This machine can be operated manually, or automatically with the use of a 6mm socket.

We at MyBuds are proud to announce the addition of the new higher quality Tabletop Fine Cut Tobacco Leaf Shredder.

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Tabletop Fine Cut Shredder

This machine is 5x3x5.5 with a 4-inch cutting surface and produces a 0.8mm cut, very similar to many RYO brands. It comes with a crank-style handle, and mounting hardware to secure the shredder to the table.

The most interesting feature, besides the excellent build quality, is the ability to switch from manual or automatic use. The handle (included) easily comes off and can be replaced with an automatic screwdriver/drill and a 6mm socket.
NOTE: This machine is made with metric parts. DO NOT use standard socket sizes to drive your machine. A 6mm socket is recommended, but not included with this machine.
This unit is not covered under a warranty, however, we do supply replacement parts for this machine.
– Replacement Cutting Blades 
– Replacement Combs
– Replacement Brass Bushings
**Plant-based / vegetable oil should be used on all moving parts such as bushings and bearings regularly to increase the lifespan of tobacco shredding machines**

Some objects may be sharp. Please handle it with care.