Izmir Turkish Oriental


The Izmir Turkish Oriental Tobacco Leaf (as well as more popular oriental tobaccos) are used in just about all “Turkish” cigarette blends.

To convert these tobacco leaves into RYO, MYO, or pipe tobacco, check out our tobacco leaf shredders!
If you are looking for a more mild Virginia Flue Cured to blend, try our “Canadian Virginia Flue Cured Tobacco Leaf“.

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Izmir Turkish Oriental

This leaf arrives with a mild, unique fragrance, and packs some serious Turkish flavor!

These small, thin, and light leaves make our Izmir Oriental is a great leaf for smooth cigarette tobacco blends.

Try adding some of this leaf to your blend for a unique addition. Although usually ordered in small quantities to season other blends, this leaf is very popular and some of the smoothest smoking tobacco there is. Also great in a pipe!