Certified Organic.

Lower quality consistency version of our Organic Burley.

Low grade tobacco by definition is the tobacco of inferior quality that is not fit to be sold as a regular grade. This can happen for a variety of reasons, including tobacco that has been dropped on the floor, broken up into small pieces, discolored, dirty, tobacco dust, stems, etc. Most customers who purchase scrap tobacco use it for ceremonial purposes, to practice rolling cigars, use it as a natural insecticide, and/or purchased by industrial companies. There are no refunds or exchanges on low grade tobaccos.

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Low Grade Organic Burley

Burley Leaf is commonly used in cigarette, pipe, and hookah tobacco blends.
Minor spots or discolorations on Burley leaves are normal and are no cause for concern.
Although this tobacco leaf is “uncut”, we do not consider it a wrapper grade leaf because it is not handled in the same fashion as the whole cigar leaves.
You can enjoy your smoke with peace of mind knowing that this leaf has never been handled by commercial processors, and was grown and handled totally ORGANICALLY!