Coarse Cut Electric Shredder


The largest and most powerful Coarse Cut Electric Shredder we carry. Great for shisha, but can be used for all purposes.

This machine comes with a 1-Year Warranty through the manufacturer.

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Coarse Cut Electric Shredder

The Coarse Cut Electric Shredder is the second, purpose-built tobacco shredding machine that we have stocked at Leaf Only. With a larger cut, and more powerful, more durable motor than the Powermatic S, this machine will make shreds at a great consistency for making Shisha, or pipe blends. Also provides a larger consistency cut for cigarettes as well. There is no warranty on this unit.

The unit is 17″x19″x20″ and weighs 46 lbs.

The intake opening at the cutting area is roughly 1″ by 8″.

The blades are stainless steel and the cut is roughly 2-3 mm.

Some objects may be sharp. Please handle it with care.